“Bump into them during an impromptu busking session, and you’re instantly teleported to a raucous New Orleans street party. The vibe they generate is electric, and before you can say ‘Kid Creole And The Coconuts’ things have escalated into a full scale beebopping, Jazz-tastic street rave!

Building the bridge between old and new; The Brassholes blend traditional New Orleans second line rhythms with modern day dance floor fillers and sing-a-long songs. What started as a spontaneous succession of busking sessions has lead to a string of highly successful live shows. The BRASSHOLES have spread their infectious exuberance and legendary party vibes throughout tonnes of venues and festivals in Australia including the Newtown Festival, the Aroma Festival, University of Canberra Bar, The Basement, Miss Peaches and more!
Natural born, street walking, jive talking entertainers; this collective could be described as peddlers of pure happiness and good times; it’s music for your mind, body and soul. Stumble upon them yourselves, seek them out if you dare and immerse yourself in scenes of wild abandon, bar top Saxophonising and Trombone grinding goodness.”

Band Members

Greg Chilcott: Sousaphone
Luke J Stephens: Trumpet
Chris O’Dea: Baritone Saxophone
Jimmy Garden: Tenor Saxophone
Brendan Champion: Trombone
Oliver Nelson: Drums