Headlining at the BASEMENT!

We are super-dooper excited to announce our first headlining gig at The Basement, an iconic venue in Sydney’s Circular Quay. It will also be the debut of our brand new show “A Night in New Orleans”, featuring the best of the best of the best brass band tunes to come out of that part of the earth in the last 13.82 billion years. We’re hoping to sell the place out, so buy tickets before it’s too late!

When? 10th of October, 7.30pm.

Put it in your diary.

Click here for tickets + more info

Miss Peaches on Easter Sunday!

We are really looking forward to performing at Miss Peaches again this Sunday! The audience numbers are looking very large, even by Miss Peaches standards – probably due to a Brass Band Championship that is taking place just down the road for the whole weekend. Come and check it out!brassholes_actionshot1.jpg

Appearances at HONK! Oz Wollongong

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 5.16.07 pmThe band is gearing up for an amazing weekend at Honk! Oz festival in Wollongong this Friday-Sunday!

HONK! is a street music festival that started in America and is about to pump Australian soil for the first time! The BRASSHOLES will be making a whole bunch of appearances at the festival (listed below) but we encourage you all to checkout as much live music as you can while you’re here. There are plenty of great Australian bands as well as a few international artists, workshops, a massive street march (lead by The BRASSHOLES!) and after dark performances in local venues! If you’re free this weekend – check it out folks!

BRASSHOLES appearances at Honk! OZ

Townhall Playground: 5-5.30pm
Rad Bar: 8pm (with support act)

Massed Band: 9.30am
Parade led by the Brassholes: 10.30am
Globe Lane: 6.30-7.10pm
Howlin’ Wolf Bar Wollongong 8-10.30pm

Figgy Bowlo: 3-6pm

Come and play some music with us! Yes, you!

The BRASSHOLES have been together for a grand total of 500 days, and to celebrate, we are inviting you to come and play some music with us!

brassholesAll of us were young(er) music students once, and our most valuable and memorable experiences as young musicians are playing with the older musicians that we look up to. We are passionate about the future of music, which means that we are passionate about nurturing our future musicians.

For this reason, we have decided to dedicate half of our performance to a friendly jam session where you (or anyone!) can have fun learning the art of New Orleans jazz with us! All ages and skill levels will find a place to sit in, whether you are a 105 year old proficient hand-clapper with stage fright or an over-confident 8 year old sousaphone virtuoso.

Date: Wednesday August 6th, 7.30-10.30pm
Location: Foundry616, 616 Harris Street, Ultimo
Parking: Plenty of free nearby street parking after 7pmPrice: Entry to this event is $10
Under-18s are extremely welcome with a responsible adult.

Gigs at Miss Peaches, Newtown

We have a few gigs coming up at Miss Peaches, a New Orleans themed bar in Newtown!

We’re really looking forward to them, come and party with us! Dates and times below:

June 5th 8-9pm
June 8th 8-11pm
July 13th 8-11pm
August 10th 8-11pm

EP Launch Street Party March 15th!

That’s right folks, this is going to be the most awesome busking session in the history of busking sessions. Come and jive to some kick ass free music!

We will be launching our first ever EP with a colossal busking session right in the heart of Newtown, at the Martin Luther King Mural Wall on King Street.

Physical copies of our EP will be for sale for just $10!

If you want a taste of what you’re in for, you can listen to the EP right here! Heck, you can even buy a copy at http://brassholes.bandcamp.com if you’re feeling generous!

We want our music to spread around social media like a disease (a good disease, that gives you super powers or something) so, if you come on the night, bring a camera/phone, take photos and videos, and then send them to us on Facebook/Twitter – we will pick our favourite photo/video from the night, and send the person who took it a free physical copy of the EP!

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why you should come:

1) It will make your ears happy.
2) It’s a perfect excuse to dance like a fool.
3) You will be supporting real Australian live music!
4) It will be a better night than any pubs and/or clubs in the entire city can offer.
5) If you don’t like us, you can go to a pub or club in Newtown instead! …. But that won’t happen.
6) It is totally free (unless you feel like donating or buying our EP!).
7) It could be the last night before a meteor destroys our entire planet.
8) Not coming is a sin.
9) All 6 of the band members will love you forever.

If you can think of anymore reasons, comment on this page!


P.S – If you haven’t already, follow us:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brassholesband
Twitter: http://twitter.com/brassholesband
Bandcamp: http://brassholes.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/brassholes


We are so excited to present to you – our first ever official recording! Order our first ever EP from the menu over on the left, or listen for free below!