Come and play some music with us! Yes, you!

The BRASSHOLES have been together for a grand total of 500 days, and to celebrate, we are inviting you to come and play some music with us!

brassholesAll of us were young(er) music students once, and our most valuable and memorable experiences as young musicians are playing with the older musicians that we look up to. We are passionate about the future of music, which means that we are passionate about nurturing our future musicians.

For this reason, we have decided to dedicate half of our performance to a friendly jam session where you (or anyone!) can have fun learning the art of New Orleans jazz with us! All ages and skill levels will find a place to sit in, whether you are a 105 year old proficient hand-clapper with stage fright or an over-confident 8 year old sousaphone virtuoso.

Date: Wednesday August 6th, 7.30-10.30pm
Location: Foundry616, 616 Harris Street, Ultimo
Parking: Plenty of free nearby street parking after 7pmPrice: Entry to this event is $10
Under-18s are extremely welcome with a responsible adult.

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